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Loraelizabeth Reantoquio

Preservice Team Leader

Loraelizabeth Reantoquio is the Eyes on Sheppard Preservice Team Leader. Her role is to perform the diagnostic tests needed to give the doctor a comprehensive understanding of your eyes prior to the examination. Beth’s pleasant and professional manner allows her to educate and put patients at ease at the beginning of the appointment. She trains the other members of her preservice team on the instrumentation and maintains inventory of our ophthalmic medications, drops, lid cleansers and vitamins so they are available for patient’s convenience. She is proud of team she assembled and aims to give patient’s a wonderful experience at the office.

Beth was born and raised in the Phillipines. Her love for adventure brought her to Dubai where she worked in administration for the Shaikh (King) of Dubai for a number of years. In her spare time, Beth likes baking sweets and desserts. In the summer months, she is likely to be found biking the trails and parks in North York or hitting some balls at the driving range with her husband.