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Josephine Lau

Front Desk

Josephine Lau is our Vision Therapy and Learning Center Administrative Assistant. She is a Certified Ophthalmic Medical Assistant by trade and helps streamline the flow of patients within the office. Beyond her administrative duties, Josephine greets patients at the front desk and makes sure that they are attended to. Her positive attitude toward all tasks and her great smile compliment the culture we have at Eyes on Sheppard.

Josephine is also the office “foodie” who enjoys opening the eyes and palates of her co-workers to the delights of new cuisines and restaurants in the GTA and surrounding areas. She engages her co-workers in a roster of take-out options and after-work dinner trips. A sci-fi fan at heart, Josephine commutes via her trusty Stormtrooper “Bruce” from Whitchurch-Stouffville to work and always arrives in time to attend to patients despite our grueling winter weather!